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360 Go Anywhere

Why Choose 360 Go Anywhere?

Our unique 360-degree feature combination is the performance iSUP sweet-spot. Designed by professional SUP instructors, this is the only inflatable stand up paddleboard on the market that gives you the best features of having an iSUP – portability, and storage – with the performance elements of a rigid board so you can GO Anywhere your ability can take you – all at direct to consumer pricing!

Design – Low-profile, Sleek for Maximum Stability + High Air Capacity for Extra Rigidity + Longlasting, Super Tough Construction for Durability + Direct to Consumer Pricing – the 360-degree sweet spot covers all the angles and it’s this combination that makes a 360 go anywhere board unique. Low-profile design gives riders lower center of gravity for better balance in the chop and less windage for more control

Compact & Powerful

Specifically designed for tough conditions and maximum stability. The 360 Board is the ideal inflatable paddleboard for any and all who feel the call of the water


When we set out to create the 360 Go Anywhere boards, our fundamental values were; quality, value, reliability and safety. I’m proud to say we’ve delivered on all those values & more!
– Tim Sanford, Founder


With a low-profile design for more balance and control you need more air. Our extra durable, reinforced construction gives 360 boards a higher capacity for more air pressure (PSI). A 28 PSI (max) gives riders rigid board like performance in surf, moving waters equaling more options and more rider confidence when you really need it.


Low-profile design gives riders lower center of gravity for better balance in the chop and less windage for more control



Extra thick PVC construction with double-reinforced rails to handle every condition and allows for more air pressure (28PSI) so you can customize your ride to fit your abilities and the conditions

Direct to Consumer Pricing

Other boards of this quality are $300-500+ more. We are designed and distributed by SUP instructors – You can try before you buy! – because we want all paddlers to have the best gear possible and still be able to afford their next paddle adventure trip!


Gerry Wallfesh

Santa Monica SUP School

I had a chance to try the 12’6 on a downwinder and was very impressed with the board’s performance. Super stable, the nose didn’t get hung up and our times were surprisignly close to those on hard boards. Great board!

Rob Casey

Salmon Bay Paddle

There’s a ton of inflatable SUPs out there now as many have realized the various benefits of them such as being super lightweight to carry or car top, easy storage for those living in apartments or without car racks and a great travel option – nothing better than having your own board on vacation. The 360 brand, while lesser known, has made great choices in building their boards.

Shanon Dell

Given to Glide Paddle Sports

The 360 Go Anywhere board I tested is the most stable inflatable I’ve ever been on!

Robyn Hurst

Vessels of Clay Yoga

Why do I love this board and look forward to letting my students try it out?

Mobility, durability, strength,
visual, price. Plus there are some pretty great package deals set-up…seriously.

I can honestly say that I have not worked with a SUP Mentor as generous, open, and kind as he is in communication and time as Tim. He’s “good people”.

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