9'8" Sport 

Smaller, sportier version of our jack-of-all trades 10'6".  This board is for a smaller rider or more experiences paddler looking to explore all the those nooks and crannies. 





Surf & Flat Water Capable


Performance Capable




9’8- Sport

Our 9’6”x30” PVC board is based on the overall design of our 10’6” board but intended for a slightly smaller or more experienced rider. It’s a great all-around cruiser, can handle light-moderate surfing, is short enough to maneuver easily on a wave or in tighter spots for a smaller rider. The slightly narrower width allows it to attain nearly the same performance as our 10’6. The .07mm thick Dual Layer Dropstitch vinyl construction allows our board to take up to 28psi of air pressure, making it the stiffest boards on the market, with increased controllability and improving feel on the water.

The rounded nose with 3” of rocker gives it stability and speed in multiple conditions while the pin tail makes for easier turning. Our 4” rails keep you closer to the water, reducing center of gravity, increasing stability and reducing the influence of wind and chop. Our tri-fin design with ultra-durable flex fins let the board roll up easily but maintain their shape in the water. You can use them in virtually any condition…. shallow rivers, rocky launch points or the open ocean without worrying about a fin failure.

Extra D-Rings and multiple E-Z carry handles at the board center, two on each center rail and one at the tail and nose give you multiple options for storing gear or selecting a leash point. Bungees at the front of the board allow for storage of any gear you need for adventure. And like all our boards, the 9’8” includes a durable, lightweight travel backpack and pump for easy transport and setup.

Best in Class Grip
Best in Class Grip
Diamond patterned deck pad for extra traction yet soft under foot for comfort during long sessions.
Leash Point
Leash Point
D-rings and handles for added flexibility to connect just how you want.
Standard High PSI BRAVO Valve
Carry Handle
Carry Handle
Reinforced super tough foam-cushion grip to provide the comfort you want
Cargo System
Cargo System
4 point cargo bungee for convenient cargo storage
Front Handle
Front Handle
Reinforced super tough foam-cushioned grip to provide the comfort you want


360 Go Anywhere Backpack

We have designed the bag to be super easy to pack your board into. Featuring double opening zips allowing you to fully open the bag, internal loading straps to secure your board to the bag, and a front pocket allows you to store your pump and fins separately. We have made the bag large for ease of packing, however included compression straps so once packed you can transport your board in the most compact form.

Carrying your 360 Go Anywhere iSUP is now easier than ever – our backpacks have padded shoulder straps, paddled back support and a chest strap for enhanced comfort.  We have also included plenty of handles on the to help move your board around. Transporting your iSUP couldn’t be easier


  • Paddled Shoulder straps
  • Chest Buckle for comfort
  • Padded back support
  • Multiple Carry Handle
  • Compression straps
  • Internal loading Strap

The 360 Go Anywhere board I is the most stable inflatable I’ve ever been on!
- Shannon Dell