Our History

Designed by paddlers for paddlers! While our first boards came out in 2014 the concept of a high PSI performance inflatable board with the mantra Go Anywhere! has been in the making since 2013. Created for everyday use for anyone who wants to take a board on a boat, a plane, paddle down rivers, surf in the ocean or just cruise through a beautiful back bay estuary, the 360 Go Anywhere history is as long as the founder has been paddling – this is a dream come true and we’re glad we finally get to share it with all of you!

Mission Statement

360 Go Anywhere! 360 is safety first: be aware of what’s around you 360 degrees and the Go Anywhere is what every paddler we know wants to do: Paddle Anywhere!

Our stand up paddle boarding gear so that anyone can paddle anywhere without limits. Our logo is our mantra – 360 Go Anywhere!

Commitment to Our Customers

To provide the best quality, innovative gear so that any SUP enthusiast can get on the water anywhere and anytime they want and see the world from a SUP point of view!

commitment to the planet

All the world’s waterways collect in our Oceans. We paddle clean and with respect for the natural environment and hope that you do too..