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Tim Sanford – Paddle Method

Name: Tim Sanford
Business Name: Paddle Method
Location/Service Area: Santa Monica Bay
Location/Service Area Description: Flat Water & Open Water
Services Offered: Lessons, Tours & Rentals
Where is your ideal/dream place to paddle? My dream paddle spot is anywhere there is a calm estuary or lagoon with either surf or a moving river nearby. I love warm water for paddle surfing but exploring lakes and rivers in the Pacific Northwest is great too. My next stop, is Cuba!
What do you do when you’re not paddling? I am really getting into you Yoga right now – it’s a great complement to paddling – and planning my next paddle adventure!
Tim Sanford       
I am the owner and founder of Paddle Method, LA’s first accredited SUP school, and I am very lucky to get to teach paddlers of all levels in multiple paddle environments. Marina del Rey is our flat -water training ground for all levels and from there we can paddle through the waves of Venice beach, the Sant Monica pier and explore Santa Monica Bay from Malibu to Palos Verdes. For more experienced paddlers we can go explore several lakes and even parts of the LA river.

My specialty is teaching advanced technique to all levels so that anyone can explore their world on a SUP.

Because the mighty Pacific is our backyard, teaching and touring the Santa Monica Bay and SUP surfing is some of my favorite things to do and I love to travel and paddle the world with my 360 Go Cruise: top spots are El Tunco in El Salvador, Cinnamon bay in St. John USVI, exploring the Connemara peninsula in Ireland and locally, it’s hard to beat Paradise Cove in Malibu.

  • Owner and operator of LA’s first accredited SUP school from the Academy of Surf and Stand Up Paddle Board Instructors (A.S.I).
  • Certified World Paddle Association (WPA) and Paddle Fit Instructor.
  • 3 years on Board of Directors on both the Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race and Ocean Festival and Los Angeles’s Waterkeeper’s Alliances Stand Up for clean water SUP race.
  • Completed 2001 ARC Rally Europe – Transatlantic Ocean Rally (32 days on the open ocean and you’ll learn a thing or two!).
  • Numerous SUP race finishes 2010-to present including: Winner of the 2013 Men’s Surf Class, SM Pier Paddle Board and Ocean festival.
  • Steve West (author of the SUP Bible) and Will Anido – ASI Instructor Training (I learned more about paddling in 45 minutes on the water with Steve than I’ve learned from everyone else combined! And Will is simply inspiring; he placed first in his class during last year’s Molakai Challenge a.k.a.The hardest SU race on the planet.
  • Kalama Klinic – Dave Kalama is a premier performance paddle instructor and one of the founders of SUP – 2011.
  • Over 5 years and 1000+ hours of teaching experience: private lessons to large groups from back bay estuaries to the open ocean adventure tours.
  • Avid SUP racer and SUP surfer.

Nancy Hasting – Stand Up New England

Name: Nancy Hastings
Business Name: Stand Up New England
Location/Service Area: South Shore / Cape Cod / Massachusetts – including Charles River, local lakes and harbors.
Location/Service Area Description: Flat Water & Open Water
Services Offered: Lessons, Tours & iSUP Rentals
Where is your ideal/dream place to paddle? Southern California coastline, Hawaii, anywhere warm!
What do you do when you’re not paddling? Surfing, hiking, making healthy meals, and being a Mom
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Robyn Hurst – Vessels of Clay Yoga/ Health/ SupFitness

Name: Robyn Hurst
Business Name: Vessels of Clay Yoga/ Health/ SupFitness
Location/Service Area: Various Southwest Missouri locations; especially Lake Taneycomo and Table Rock Lake—and then anywhere I can take my 360 Go Anywhere!
Location/Service Area Description:Locally- Southwest Missouri. Online services also available.
Services Offered: Yoga Classes (with a specialty in Faith Focused/Christ-centered yoga); Paddleboard and SUP Yoga classes & lessons; Nutrition counseling
Where is your ideal/dream place to paddle? Any place tropical or with clear blue/green water…I would LOVE to paddle near manatees or dolphins!
What do you do when you’re not paddling?As much yoga and/or outdoorsy stuff as I can fit in! I also love spending time with my husband and our “pride” of too-many-cats…
Woman on Paddle board
“Yoga and Sup-Love”

I discovered yoga many years ago when needing to recover from regular injuries/ inflammations as a professional singer/dancer. That type of movement and body awareness calmed my busy mind and renewed my over-used body–not to mention helping me through an emotional time in my life(!)- –
and I was hooked! I was actually exercising and getting leaner without pounding my joints into the ground or hating life…I became a teacher later to help bring that renewed joy and health to others.

My love of all water-sports began on lakes in Arkansas & Minnesota (and the boundary waters of Canada!), with water skiing, canoeing, “rocketing”, “water bugging”, and Windsurfing– not to mention tubing down rivers. And I have been a surf-life wannabe since my teen-age years…

Fast forward to my 11th year as a yoga teacher (2014), when I had an opportunity to try out paddleboarding and SupYoga and received my first Paddlefit certification. It was no surprise to me that it was a perfect fit!

I am thrilled to share how fun and effective paddleboard fitness can be through lessons, classes and events in Southwestern Missouri (Branson/Taneyville/Forsyth/Springfield and more!).

For more information on Robyn, check out or!

– Yoga Alliance E-RYT and YYT
– Paddlefit Core Certified
– American Red Cross Lifeguard/First Aid/CPR
– Precision Nutrition Coach
– AFAA Group Ex
measuring paddle length  savasana on pb


Christos Douroudis – SUP East Coast Style

Name: Christos Douroudis
Business Name: SUP East Coast Style
Location/Service Area: Salem/Marblehead, MA
Location/Service Area Description: Store/Kiosk
Services Offered: Lessons/rentals/sale of stand up paddleboards
Where is your ideal/dream place to paddle? Key West
What do you do when you’re not paddling? Workout & play with my pup and wife
My wife Leah Goodman and I started our business SUP East Coast Style 7 years ago. We were paddling around and people would ask us what we were doing. So we figured we would purchase 6 boards and start giving lessons and help bring this great sport we love to our area. That first year things just took off and by the end of that first summer we had a 25 board operation.
Fast forward 7 years and we have over 100 boards in our fleet, 35 employees, and 5 locations!
I love taking someone out on a board for their first time and watch their nervousness transform into a big smile as they get more comfortable on the board.
I’m extremely proud of how my wife and I are helping to continually grow this sport in our local area and seeing people get super stoked when they hop on a board.
World Stand Up Paddleboard Assoc (WSUPA) certified



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