Super stable, the nose didn’t get hung up and our times were surprisingly close to those on hard boards. Great board!
Gerry Wallfesh - Santa Monica SUP School
The 360 Go Anywhere board I tested is the most stable inflatable I’ve ever been on!
Shannon Dell - Given to Glide Paddle Sports
Nothing better than having your own board on vacation. The 360 brand, while lesser known, has made great choices in building their boards.
Rob Casey - Salmon Bay Paddle
Pros: Mobility, durability, strength, visual, price. Plus there are some pretty great package deals set-up…seriously.
Robyn Hurst - Vessels of Clay Yoga
Tried the board and immediately knew it was everything I wanted in an iSUP
John Phillips

Perfect for travel - I bring my 360 with me everywhere

Erin C.

Really stable, my dog loves going for paddle and her little tail wags every time we get ready for the beach

Bev C.
Very cool, like the nice bright orange color!!!
Anil Patel